Belgian girl

Born in Belgium on 28th February in 1992.

Sushi lover

but will never say no to pizza.


with a Gemini ascendant.

Graphic designer

Besides singing, Elly makes a living as a graphic designer for


Belgian born singer-songrwiter Elly Wild started releasing original work in 2020. Her first single, Sister of my Soul, is the start of The Moon Project, a musical project she launched to capture the lessons of the moon in song. Her music can be described as powerful indie with inspirational lyrics, which are often laced with spirituality and travel-influences.


Elly found her voice in her early teens, as she enjoyed being part of choirs and taking classical singing classes. She fell in love with being on stage through theatre. Elly started performing in musicals and has since played in big productions such as Oliver! and The Sound of Music.

In 2015 she joined symphonic metalband Gallia, where she is the lead vocalist and lyricist for the band. Enjoying writing lyrics and being a poet since a young age, she wanted to spread her wings further and started producing music of her own. The Moon Project was born.

Elly has struggled with her own demons throughout her teens and twenties, battling a lot of issues such as depression, trauma and low self-esteem. She has worked hard to overcome a lot of these, and drew strength from spirituality. She now writes music about her demons, her struggles and how she overcame them, in hope that it will help others feel less alone, and maybe even bring some light and hope in their lives.


Being drawn to the restless life of travel, Elly started a digital nomad lifestyle where she enjoys traveling and working from all over the world. Her music is often influenced by her wandering spirit and world view.