Familiar Roads is an empowering feel-good singersongwriter piece with soaring guitar melodies and captivating vocals. The lyrics take you along through the story and make you feel as if you’re riding shotgun along with Elly Wild. The track fits perfectly in the indie-folk genre with country and pop influences. The soulful vocals of singersongwriter Elly Wild give the song a fulfilling kind of vibe, comforting and charming its listeners, while empowering them with inspirational and positive lyrics.


The first single of The Moon project is called Sister of my Soul. The story begins with a goodbye. 

This song was written to my friend and soulmate who left to live on another continent, and I was about to go on my own adventure, so there was an inevitable goodbye. I wanted to tell her how much she means to me, and that even though it breaks my heart, all I want is for her to find happiness and peace and therefore, I let her go.

Sometimes to most loving thing to do, is to set someone free to live the life of their dreams. The pain I felt was so beautiful, so soft, it’s the kind of pain you’re only able to feel when you really truly love someone. It’s the most beautiful thing in this world.

This phase of my life is the moon phase: Waning Crescent. It’s the last bit of light before the night goes black during New Moon. It’s a time of reflection, of rest, before we launch into something great. We return to the stillness in our souls to restore and replenish. This is a time of gratitude, so I expressed my gratitude for my friend in Sister of my Soul.

 The Waning Crescent of Balsamic Moon has a double water element – which is why I chose to work with a waterfall for the videoclip. Water is patient, resilient and cleansing, so I bathed in the Tat Mok Waterfall to ask the universe to teach me the lessons of Water.